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Our 10th Birthday Celebration

October 14th, 2016

It is our 10th birthday celebration! It is amazing how the years have flown by. We feel so blessed that our patients have continued to support us. We love what we do and have such joy in helping people hear better and reconnect with their families more and more every day. There have been lots of changes along the way, especially our new office location in downtown Bartlesville. And let’s not forget the technology changes that continually keep us learning about newer devices that help us more.

We hope to see you all this Friday, October 14th for our come and go birthday celebration from 10-4 that day. Cake and goodies provided and we can’t wait to see you all.

Advanced Hearing Care Honored By Bartlesville Chamber Of Commerce

Above: Trevor Sutterfield, president and owner of Sutterfield Financial Group Inc., accepts the award for 2015 Business of the Year.
Left: Dr. Stephanie Moore, founder of Advanced Hearing Care, thanks guests after being presented the 2015 Small Business of the Year Award.

Two local businesses dedicated to above-and-beyond customer service and client relationships were honored Tuesday night at the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 111th Annual Awards and Gala, held at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Advanced Hearing Care was recognized Tuesday night as the 2015 Small Business of the Year. The business was founded in 2006 by Dr. Stephanie Moore and provides audiology services to the community through quality patient-doctor relationships and exceptional customer service.

Moore, who suffered twice from a rare inner-ear virus at a young age that caused her to lose nearly all hearing in her right ear, said she is thankful for her patients and the community in which she lives and works.

“I love Bartlesville, I love my patients and I love what I do,” she said. “We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the babies turning on their hearing aids for the first time and we just bawl. That’s what I get to do every day. I love my job, it’s amazing.”

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It’s Summer Time And The Best Time To Protect Your Hearing

Actually we need to be protecting our hearing year round, but summer comes to mind most commonly as more people are mowing, using weed eaters and leaf blowers. Typically all of that equipment has potentially damaging decibel levels to our hearing. And once you damage or lose your hearing, we cannot grow it back. It’s just gone. So take some steps to protect your hearing this summer and the rest of the year. Hearing protection comes in a variety of styles and strengths. That is one of our specialties and please contact us if you need guidance.

  1. Wear hearing protection devices while mowing and using loud equipment. Keep in mind 4th of July fireworks are loud as well as winter time chainsaws.
  2. Concerts both indoors and outdoors can be loud and damaging.
  3. Hunting and shooting are hazardous.
  4. If you have to be in a noise environment, such as a sporting event and you cannot or do not have hearing protection then limit your exposure time.
  5. Some motorcycles and tractors (especially those without cabs) can be dangerous to your hearing.
  6. Music headphones can get really loud being so close to your eardrums, so turn them down or limit your time. Also invest in decibel limiting headphones.

Hopefully those are some helpful ideas to protect your hearing. Please contact us if you have any questions as we are happy to help.


Dr. Stephanie R. Moore

Hear What You’ve Been Missing!

Some of the newest technology is so small that it is practically invisible. Whether behind the ear or deeply within the ear canal, these options fit discreetly and allow for confidence in diverse listening situations.

Now is the Time to Try!

At Advanced Hearing Care, we are very excited about some of the latest technology options available to treat hearing loss.  Some of these truly innovative developments have already made measurable impacts in the quality of some of our patients’ lives.  And we’re inviting anyone who wants to experience these truly extraordinary developments to call us for an opportunity to hear what they’ve been missing.

Save the Date:
August 20-24 and August 21-31, 2012

For two weeks, we are highlighting some of these developments in new technology.  We are reserving our available appointments for anyone who is interested in experiencing the difference that better hearing can make in his or her lifestyle.  For those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity, we will conduct a full Four-Step Process consultation appointment as well as an in-office demonstration of an appropriate hearing device system.

What’s New In Hearing Technology

There are a few trends that are currently developing in the hearing technology industry.  One trend is to expand on available wireless accessories and technology, using small wireless antennae to transmit ear-to-ear binaural sound processing signals and enable media streaming capabilities.  Another is to make the hearing aids as small and discreet as possible, whether they are fit behind the ear or deep within the ear canal.  And, of course, hearing aid manufacturers are always trying to improve how well technology performs in very diverse listening environments by refining how the hearing aids reduce background noise and manipulate various features of the technology to improve listening and understanding.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

If you are struggling with hearing loss, or if you’ve just started to notice that you aren’t hearing like you should, don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself about your hearing.  As hearing health care providers, our professionals specialize in keeping you informed about how your hearing works and what can be done to help you compensate for any hearing loss you may have.  Call us for your comprehensive hearing evaluation today and let us reintroduce you to a world of sound!

How to Choose the RIGHT Hearing Aids for You

AGXOd Series is designed to deliver immediate benefit.

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely that you’re one of the thousands of people in the United States who is living with untreated hearing loss.  Or you may have a loved one who you know is struggling with the inability to hear and understand important conversations.  You may even be someone who’s already sought help for a hearing loss and you aren’t happy with your current technology.  Whatever the reasons, you’re looking for information, for support, and for answers.  The good news is that you’ve found the right place.

The hardest part of hearing loss is knowing what to do about it.  In most cases, the discovery and diagnosis of hearing loss is fairly straightforward.  An hour spent answering questions, repeating common words and phrases, and pressing a button is all that it takes to get a good picture of what’s happening with your hearing.  If hearing loss is discovered and hearing technology recommended, the next step can be quite daunting: picking out hearing aids.

There are literally thousands of hearing technology options available.  There are a few dozen manufacturers and some of the biggest of them each may have hundreds of different models and styles.  Each instrument is designed with specialized features, targeting different kinds of hearing loss and different needs of selected demographics of hearing patients.  Each one has areas where it excels over others of its competitors.  It can be very hard for a patient or consumer to know exactly what he or she may be getting “under the hood,” so to speak.

That’s where a trained and licensed hearing professional can make all the difference.  Hearing loss is a highly individualized problem, and each person’s experience with hearing loss is different.  It stands to reason that treatment of hearing loss should be an individualized process.  The truth of the matter is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, for any type and severity of hearing loss. Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are experts in customizing hearing technology to each patient’s individual needs.

Dr. Moore and Ms. Clapper work with our patients to maximize each solution we recommend.

From feature selection to fine tuning, the hearing professional is an important piece to the hearing treatment puzzle.  They counsel each person on which solution is the most appropriate for their hearing loss, based on audiometric data acquired through hearing testing and lifestyle information gleaned from the patient.  Hearing professionals are responsible for helping the patient keep their technology in tip-top shape, providing preventive follow-up maintenance and emergency support if something goes wrong.  These professionals are also a critical part of hearing preservation, providing testing to monitor possible changes in hearing and advice for maintaining the good hearing a patient may have.

In reality, the question you should be asking is not, “What is the right hearing aid for me?” but rather, “Who is the best professional to help me with my hearing needs?” The technology itself is not what helps you to hear better. The partnership that you build with your Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist is the critical piece to puzzle.

At Advanced Hearing Care, we understand the importance of the personal touch in hearing care. We work with our patients and the technology to customize a solution for each person’s individual needs. We provide on-going support and maintenance for patients who choose to treat their hearing loss with technology. Most importantly, we counsel our patients to understand the nature of their hearing difficulties to establish realistic expectations for treatment.

To experience the difference that compassionate hearing care can make, call us today for an appointment. We are experienced professionals who give expert advice and work with our patients and today’s most extraordinary technology to provide excellent service at an exceptional value. Don’t wait until old age to hear what you’ve been missing. Call today and reintroduce yourself to a world of sound.

Why DIY Hearing Aids are NOT a Good Value

DIY Hearing Aids are a one-size-fits-all approach to a problem that is highly personalized.

The Better Hearing Institute recently released an article through their eNewsletter warning of the risks of using over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all hearing aids without the consultation of a hearing health professional.  This article hits on some of the most important reasons that Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are so very critical to the proper treatment of hearing loss.

The most important reason to consult with a hearing health professional before pursuing hearing aids is that hearing loss can be the symptom of a more serious medical condition.  This is also the reason that all 50 states utilize a strict licensing process for hearing professionals.  These licensing procedures ensure that the professionals are able to recognize certain warning signs during the testing process which might indicate that a referral to more specialized medical services is needed.  Basic hearing testing, which is the first step toward the treatment of all kinds of hearing loss, can indicate the presence of cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, otitis, and acoustic neuroma.  These are just a few of the conditions that require medical attention, and sometimes immediate medical attention, before amplification can be prescribed.

Additionally, in all 50 states, the only people who can adjust and customize hearing aids and hearing technology to the needs of the individual patient are the individuals who have obtained state licensure.   Hearing losses may look similar on paper, but each person perceives their hearing loss differently and has different needs for successful treatment.  Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are highly trained to adapt today’s extraordinary technology to meet those needs.

Dr. Stephanie Moore and Ms. Rachel Clapper are passionate about helping their patients overcome their hearing loss.

“Today’s state-of-the-art hearing aids should be programmed to the individual’s specific hearing loss requirements in order to provide good levels of benefit and customer satisfaction,” says Sergei Kochkin, BHI’s Executive Director. “The process requires a complete in-person hearing assessment in a sound booth; the training and skills of a credentialed hearing healthcare professional in order to prescriptively fit the hearing aids using sophisticated computer programs; and appropriate in-person follow-up and counseling. This is not possible when consumers purchase one-size-fits-all hearing aids over the Internet or elsewhere.”

Your perception of your hearing loss is a unique problem that deserves the best care available to you.  Don’t leave your most important social sense to a cookie-cutter, pre-packaged widget that is neither prescribed for your hearing loss nor customized to your individual needs.  Don’t trust one of the most integral parts of your personal warning system to a process that is not capable of distinguishing the warning signs of a more serious medical condition.

At Advanced Hearing Care, we know that the actual hearing technology is only a small portion of the hearing treatment process.  Our caring professionals will take the time to diagnose your hearing loss properly and to understand your goals for your better hearing.  We provide that elite level of care that is lacking in a DIY hearing solution, because we work with you and the technology to give you the best hearing possible.  Call us today and reintroduce yourself to a world of sound!