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Our Patients Tell Us…

…time and time again that the most life-altering and inspiring change that comes with achieving better hearing is rediscovering the personal connections that are missing from their lives.

It’s these familiar and essential sounds—the voices of our children, grandchildren, spouses, and loved ones—that ground and comfort us. Our passion is creating the better-hearing solutions that keep the people and things you love close to you.

That’s why we always recommend you bring a loved one with you for every hearing consultation or technology-upgrade appointment. They play a key role in helping you achieve better hearing. Their voice is a familiar sound that you can focus on, which helps us fine-tune your technology, and they offer a unique perspective on your hearing loss. After all, they’ve been experiencing it right along with you. Because hearing loss happens gradually, your companion will likely notice specific listening situations that appear to be a struggle for you that you may not even have been aware of.

If you find that you need additional help hearing among all the commotion of crowded holiday gatherings, ask about our streaming systems that incorporate
a personal, wireless microphone that can be worn by your companion. These systems allow you to receive a clear, wireless signal from individual voices in the room, letting you communicate more comfortably, and without missing a moment of the holiday fun.