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Press Release: Keep Hearing Safe This Summer


July 24, 2015

Advanced Hearing Care Works to Keep Hearing Safe This Summer

Bartlesville, OK – Summer is in full swing, and barbecues, vacations, and events with family members are a big aspect of the season. “Each season new memories are made that can’t be substituted or re-created,” said Stephanie Moore, AuD of Advanced Hearing Care.  “And as the years go on, these memories become more and more priceless.” To make sure you never miss a moment, conversation, or memory, Dr. Moore has offered up three common situations and accompanying tips to protect your hearing and your memories.

Ride on: “While convertibles are cool, having to say ‘what’ all the time isn’t. When riding in motorcycles and convertibles, the higher the speed, the higher your risk for damaging your hearing,” says Dr. Moore. Research shows that going 55 mph or higher produces damaging decibels. This is due to exposure to other loud automobiles (like semis or motorcycles) and wind.

Solution: Keep foam earplugs in your vehicle, or call us about custom earplugs if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast.

You have the power: A power mower from three feet away emits sounds of 107 dB, and a power saw from three feet away is 110 dB. “‘It can’t be that loud’ is something I hear quite often from those who work with power tools on the job or when doing home projects, but it can be and it is,” Dr. Moore said.

Solution: Wear earplugs or earmuffs when operating power tools. Foam and silicone construction are best for earplugs because they reduce additional decibels. Earmuffs are more heavy duty and can take more wear and tear.

Like music to your ears: “People typically don’t wear earplugs at concerts because they want the full effect of the experience — but over time, that experience will be quieted because of noise-induced hearing loss,” said Dr. Moore.   Concerts average anywhere from 100 to 120 decibels.

Solution: Musicians’ earplugs turn the overall decibels down, so you still hear the music evenly. They can be custom fit to your ears to ensure protection and sound quality.

For more information on improving your hearing for the summer, contact Dr. Stephanie Moore.  918-333-9992

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Stephanie Moore, AuD
, www.drstephaniemoore.com

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