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The Importance of Dedicated Hearing Care

The real differences between audiology and over-the-counter solutions

In July, President Biden signed an executive order allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter. This measure is aimed at lowering the cost of hearing care, and at a glance, it seems like a great way to ensure that everyone who needs hearing care is covered. But can OTC products ever compete with the knowledge and expertise of a specialist? Because you deserve the best hearing care available, here are six reasons to make an appointment with an audiologist.


1. Expertise

Both audiologists and hearing aid specialists are licensed to sell hearing aids, but audiologists possess master’s or doctorate degrees that concentrate on hearing health. Because individuals develop hearing loss in a variety of ways and have unique communication needs, accurately diagnosing hearing loss and selecting the right hearing aids will ensure successful treatment.


2. Fit

To maximize comfort and functionality, hearing aids must be custom fitted to each individual and programmed to support their listening lifestyle. Only a trained audiologist or hearing aid specialist can do this. Additionally, audiologists can monitor your progress over time and make adjustments when necessary. Wearing hearing technology is not a “once and done” solution; it takes time for the body and mind to adjust, and there may be a period of discomfort that requires professional support.


3. Patient-Provider Relationship

Hearing loss is a complex condition. It has many different causes, from simple age-related decline to disorders such as Ménière’s disease to exposure to ototoxic chemicals. There are also many comorbidities associated with hearing loss. An audiologist can diagnose and treat many of these, forming a long-lasting relationship with you that goes beyond simply fitting you with hearing aids.


4. Tinnitus and Balance Support

Hearing loss often occurs alongside tinnitus, which is a persistent ringing, buzzing, or clicking sound in the ear. While the condition is still being researched and is not yet fully understood, what we know about tinnitus so far falls under the expertise of audiologists. And because the inner ear governs the body’s equilibrium, balance issues are often diagnosed and treated by audiologists as well. Providing support for these conditions is part of our commitment to our patients’ total hearing health.


5. Safety

Aside from achieving a better fit and receiving professional support from an audiologist, there is evidence that programming your own hearing technology or choosing a one-size-fits-all solution can actually be harmful. An audiologist will perform a series of tests to assess your hearing loss and ensure your hearing aids meet your needs without being too loud. Hearing technology that amplifies sound too much can further damage your hearing, and an ill-fitting hearing aid can create uncomfortable wax buildup, which may lead to ear infections.


6. Investment

While purchasing an OTC hearing aid may provide considerable savings on upfront costs, seeking treatment through a licensed audiologist is a better investment. From warranty protection to professional cleanings and advice on upgrades, nothing compares to our guarantee of quality. We also know hearing aids can be expensive, so we always do our best to provide affordable solutions, including coupons, specials, and financing options. Once you’ve purchased your hearing aids, your treatment plan is put into effect – we will be with you every step of the way in your journey to better hearing and better health.


Whether you are a longtime user of hearing aids or considering them for the first time, there is no better decision you can make for your hearing health than choosing an AudigyCertified™ practice to provide you with an expert evaluation. It’s the right choice for you to be sure that you’re pursuing the very best solution for your hearing loss.

Our Patients Tell Us…

…time and time again that the most life-altering and inspiring change that comes with achieving better hearing is rediscovering the personal connections that are missing from their lives.

It’s these familiar and essential sounds—the voices of our children, grandchildren, spouses, and loved ones—that ground and comfort us. Our passion is creating the better-hearing solutions that keep the people and things you love close to you.

That’s why we always recommend you bring a loved one with you for every hearing consultation or technology-upgrade appointment. They play a key role in helping you achieve better hearing. Their voice is a familiar sound that you can focus on, which helps us fine-tune your technology, and they offer a unique perspective on your hearing loss. After all, they’ve been experiencing it right along with you. Because hearing loss happens gradually, your companion will likely notice specific listening situations that appear to be a struggle for you that you may not even have been aware of.

If you find that you need additional help hearing among all the commotion of crowded holiday gatherings, ask about our streaming systems that incorporate
a personal, wireless microphone that can be worn by your companion. These systems allow you to receive a clear, wireless signal from individual voices in the room, letting you communicate more comfortably, and without missing a moment of the holiday fun.