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Give Mom the Gift of Better Hearing This Mother’s Day

Give Mom the Gift of Better Hearing This Mother’s Day

Hearing on Her Terms Makes Moments More Special

Moms are a busy bunch.

These duty-juggling, many-hats-wearing heroes can be hard-pressed to find time for themselves. So whether they’re hitting the dance floor, perfecting their golf game, catching up with a BFF, or scaling a rock wall, they can enjoy those special moments even more with healthy hearing. And you can help!


Recognizing the Signs

Is your mom, or a mom you know, missing out on the sounds of her life? Potential hearing loss has many signs. She may often turn up the TV, say “Huh?” or “What?” in response to clear questions, and have trouble following phone conversations or video calls.

Withdrawal from social situations can also signify a hearing issue. Your mom might not even realize she’s pulling away from her life. And it’s not uncommon for people to put off life-changing hearing help for more than a decade even after a diagnosis of hearing loss.

Mom might need a loving nudge in the right direction.


Better Hearing, Better Life

The benefits of seeking hearing care can go far beyond better communication. We love seeing patients reconnect with family, friends, and favorite hobbies thanks to a whole new world of sound in their lives.

And with hearing loss linked to other conditions, including dementia, cardiovascular disease, depression, and falls, it’s encouraging that a growing body of research connects improved hearing to better cognitive health and other benefits.


Modern, Invisible Technology

The traditional barriers to seeking hearing care — feeling stigmatized for needing a hearing aid, for example — are things of the past. Today’s technology is not only practically invisible, but it also works seamlessly and continuously with the environment to maximize the wearer’s experience no matter where they go.


Some of today’s sophisticated hearing instruments can even work alone or with apps on compatible smartphones and tablets, handling activities such as:

  • Conveniently controlling hearing aid settings through the smartphone or tablet
  • Streaming TV, music, phone calls, and other audio straight to the ears
  • Tracking brain and body health to help with fitness planning
  • Communicating with people of other languages through real-time translation
  • Enjoying remote care — including professional hearing aid adjustments — in the comfort of home


Reuniting your mom with the sounds she loves could be just a visit away. Contact us today to schedule a hearing consultation that could change her life. We’re here to help!

Get the Gift of Hearing, Give the Gift of Hearing

During this season of giving, give yourself the opportunity to upgrade your technology — and when you do, consider donating your hearing aids to someone else in need.

Get the Gift of Hearing
This time of year is focused on family, friends, conversation, and closeness. Before the festivities are in full swing, consider upgrading your technology so you can ensure you’re hearing your best.

When you come in, we’ll check out your hearing devices to see if they are still meeting all your hearing needs. Since obtaining better hearing in the rst place, your lifestyle needs have most likely changed. With this enhancement comes a need to reevaluate the e ectiveness of your technology solution.

Though you’re taking great care to preserve your hearing, most patients don’t realize it can still worsen over time. When you come in to see us, we’ll check to make sure the technology you’re wearing is still tailored to t both your hearing and your lifestyle goals now and into the New Year.

Give the Gift of Hearing
Did you know your hearing aids can be recycled? There are countless organizations that take used hearing aids and provide a ordable, refurbished technology for individuals with limited nancial resources across the country and the world. With 360 million people worldwide having disabling hearing loss1, there’s someone just waiting for your technology!

The Starkey Hearing Foundation has a trusted recycling program for donating hearing devices. Go to StarkeyHearingFoundation.org and nd their Hearing Angel program to learn how to donate yours. Bonus: Your donation is tax deductible!

With so much fun to be had (and heard!) around the corner, we encourage you to bring your hearing devices with you to compare the difference in sound quality through a demonstration at our office. If you feel your upgraded devices aren’t right for you, simply return them.

Call us at 918.213.4405 to schedule your free demonstration, or drop in to hear the difference for yourself! Expires 1/31/17.