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A Delicious Way to Make Your Cochlea Happy

A Delicious Way to Make Your Cochlea Happy

Nutrition is an easy way to keep your hearing health going strong. January is National Soup Month, and it’s just the time to try some great soup recipes that will please your taste buds and your cochlea.

Folate and Omega-3

Savor the flavor of these six soups rich in folate, omega-3 fatty acids, or both! Folate ensures plenty of healthy blood gets to all the structures of your inner ear, and omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation and protect your inner ear from age-related deterioration.


Lentil Soup with Lemon and Turmeric

If you’re new to lentils, this soup is a great introduction — it’s delicious and simple to make! The recipe has tips for preparation, several ingredient alternatives, and instructions for blending the soup, if you decide to go that route. Plus, if you’re no stranger to cooking, you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already.

The hearing-health kickers are the lentils and veggies, which are all brimming with folate!


Vegetable Beef Soup

There’s nothing more satisfying than this classic omnivore standby option on a winter evening — savory stock, tender beef, a medley of veggies, and bread nearby for dipping in the bowl after you finish. This recipe uses staples like onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, corn, and peas, but you can use whatever you have on hand! The recipe also provides tips for using a slow cooker instead of a pot.

This dish supports your hearing health by providing ample folate from the veggies.


Easy Clam Chowder

This clam chowder truly is a cinch. The trade-off, at least for the purists, is that the clams in this recipe are canned. But you can make them as thick or runny as you like and, as the recipe says, it’s chockfull of clams!

The hearing-health superstars in this recipe are the clams, which pack in the omega-3s, but the onions and potatoes are no slouches in the folate department, either.


Chicken and Kale Soup

This simple, hearty, satisfying soup is ideal on a crisp, rainy day or a cold winter evening. The seasonings are unassuming and easy to adjust to your taste. If kale isn’t your leafy green of choice, feel free to substitute your favorite.

Your cochlea will thank you for all the folate support from the onions, beans, potatoes, and leafy greens!


Easy 20-Minute Moqueca

The textures and flavors of this Brazilian classic are complex, lovely additions to a simple side of rice, beans, or both (adding even more folate!). This recipe uses cod, but you can easily replace it with flavorful shrimp, catfish, or salmon — all of which also pack a more powerful omega-3 punch! In fact, this recipe is full of opportunities to swap, add, and substitute, so you can put your own unique spin on it.

Plus, this delicious dish is a perfect balance of folate (onions, tomatoes) and omega-3s (fish)!


Four-Bean Chili

I can practically hear you saying, “Hey, what’s the big idea? Chili isn’t soup!” You might be surprised to find out it’s an age-old debate — is it a soup or a stew? No matter what category you put it in, you’ll pronounce it “yummy”! This unassuming four-bean delight has a secret — that fourth bean is refried beans! The as-written recipe won’t satisfy fans of very spicy foods, though, so feel free to toss in jalapeños, habaneros, or whatever food on the Scoville scale you can handle.

Beans are nature’s little folate fountains, so your inner ear is sure to appreciate this chili.

January is National Soup Month! Celebrate with 5 healthy-hearing recipes

January Is National Soup Month ó 5 Healthy-Hearing Soup Recipes to Get You in the Spirit

Nutrition is a great way to prevent hearing loss. Read on for great soup recipes that will get your hearing health on sure footing for the coming year.

Itís National Soup Month! What better way to kick it off than with an old Italian proverb?

ìSoup does seven things: It takes away hunger, takes away thirst, fills the stomach, cleans the teeth, makes you sleep, makes you slim, and puts color in your cheeks.î

Not enough reason to ladle out some of the good stuff? Hereís another: Many ingredients that go great in soup are great for hearing health!

Soup Recipes for Maintaining Hearing Health

Savor the taste and the hearing health with these five soups that are rich in folate and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients ensure your cochlea ó the part of your inner ear where sound is converted to signals that get sent to your brain ó is nourished with healthy blood flow.

1. Salmon Chowder

Nothing says ìheart of winterî like a steaming bowl of chowder! This easy-to-make recipe calls for both clam juice and salmon, which has more than three times the hearing-healthy omega-3 content of clam. You still get the familiar hint of clam, but you also get to enjoy the nutrition and taste of salmon.

2. Beef and Cabbage Stew

OK, you caught us ó this is a stew, not a soup. But how can you go wrong with beef and cabbage stew? Itís a hearty bowl of warm winter goodness! Plus, this recipe has three strong sources of folate: cabbage, carrots, and celery. Itíll warm your heart and keep your cochlea happy.

3. Four-Bean Chili

Just when you thought there were no new chilis on the horizon, along comes this little four-bean wonder. No matter where you land in the debate about whether chili is a kind of soup, youíll agree this is a little bowl of heaven. We wonít tell you the secret (youíll have to check out the recipe to find out), but this four-bean chili is a folate fountain with its pinto beans, black beans, navy beans, and kidney beans.

4. Easy Fish Stew

Thereís just no stopping the flavor or nutrition in this rich stew. From more traditional fare like celery and carrots to the zesty bouquet garni, youíll be pleasantly surprised at all this Mediterranean fish stew has to offer. And if that isnít enough reason to try it out, itís rich in both folate (celery, carrots, tomatoes) and omega-3 fatty acids (anchovies, white-fleshed fish). Your cochlea wonít know what hit it!

5. Squash Soup

Donít let the uninspiring name fool you. This butternut squash soup is unassuming but mighty! The ginger, nutmeg, and honey provide just the right balance to the hearty squash foundation. Plus, squash is a good source of folate ó hearing health never tasted so delicious!