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Wireless Technology!

A patient asked me today that she had read about wireless technology and she wondered what that meant. It can mean a variety of things in regards to new technology hearing aids. For some hearing instruments, it can mean that a pair of hearing aids on a person’s ears can wirelessly communicate with each other. For example, microphones listen in the same direction, or noise filters engaging with both the right and left hearing aids together. Another example of wireless technology is pairing a Bluetooth phone to the hearing aids or using a streaming device to help pair a phone to the hearing aids. This allows phone calls to go into the hearing aids directly wirelessly. There is also the ability to stream television acoustics into hearing aids wirelessly. For more information, contact our office for an appointment.

Hearing aids and earwax. Patient’s ask everyday about how to clean hearing aids. Ears produce wax and unfortunately, it gets on and into hearing aids. Check your hearing aids nightly to see if they need cleaning. First wipe them off with a soft dry tissue or cloth. If wax seems to penetrate the sound openings of the hearing aids, then your hearing specialist should have provided you with small wax cleaning tools (loop) and possibly wax filters that keep the wax from penetrating the devices too deeply. Try not to get hearing aids wet with soap or water. For more information, please contact our office.

Do I have to have a smart phone for the new technology hearing aids? No absolutely not. There is lots of new amazing technology being introduced into the market that works great without a smart phone. The phones (certain makes and models only) allow patients to use their phones as remotes and some for streaming audio. Flip phones that have Bluetooth can also stream audio but require a streaming device to assist them. For more information, please contact our office.