Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests: Our Four-Step Process

Hearing Tests: At Advanced Hearing Care, the most important service that we offer is comprehensive audiological evaluation. Our initial evaluation and consultation will follow a Four-Step Process: Interview, Examination, Diagnostic Process, and Treatment Consultation.

Hearing Tests: Illustration of an audiologist looking at a large ear.

1. Interview

We want to get to know you and your hearing health needs. We get a detailed picture of your case history and learn about your lifestyle. We help you to identify where you are and where you want to go with your better hearing.

2. Hearing Tests: Examination

Sometimes, hearing difficulties are caused by wax blockages or physical damage to the outer or middle ear. Before we perform the actual hearing test, we look inside your ears to rule out anything that may interfere with our ability to properly test and treat your hearing.

3. Diagnostic Process

Also known as a “hearing test,” the diagnostic process is a series of tests to check how well your auditory system works. We examine how well you understand speech, determine your most comfortable listening level, and record your response to tones presented at certain frequencies and loudness levels. This test is performed in a sound-treated room with a digital audiometer and the results are charted on an audiogram.
Additional diagnostic tests may be required in some cases. This will be determined during the course of the basic diagnostic.

Signs of Hearing Loss

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4. Hearing Tests: Treatment Consultation

The final step of the Four-Step Process is a discussion of the treatment options available to you. We make a recommendation based on the information you give us in the Interview, any considerations from your Examination and your results found during the Diagnostic Process. We identify the most appropriate solutions for your unique situation and potential hearing loss.

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