Hearing Aids Technology

Hearing Aids Technology for Your Specific Needs

We believe in providing the right Hearing Aids Technology and hearing solution for you. Advanced Hearing Care actually offers a full line of digital hearing aids to serve your specific needs. Whether you are interested in reliable, easy-to-wear solutions at an affordable price or you are in need of top-of-the-line hearing support. At Advanced Hearing Care we can actually customize today’s extraordinary technology and tailor it for your specific and/or individual needs.

Hearing Aids Technology
Hearing Aids Technology by AGX

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid For When, Where and How You Want to Hear

Actually better hearing, with less effort. It’s what anyone with a hearing difficulty really wants. We are actually Bartlesville’s only Audigy Certified private audiology practice.  We furthemore make certain your hearing technology options are always clear. In addition we want to make your means of communication easier and your relationships stronger.

AGX9 Premium Hearing Technology

Hank is a small business owner who likes to wake up bright and early, watch the news, listen to some tunes on the treadmill, and make a few phone calls before he heads to the store.  Tonight, he’s meeting his wife for dinner and a movie, and thanks to his AGX9s, he’s not going to miss a single moment.  His AGX9s are just as active as he is.

The AGX9 product line was designed for individuals whose listening environments include frequent background noise. Active lifestyles often feature a variety of video and audio entertainment, diverse restaurant dining, sporting events, outdoor activities, demanding careers, group participation, family gatherings, movies, driving, mall shopping, and church activities.

AGX7 Advanced Hearing Aids

Balance is very important to Charlie’s lifestyle.  He won’t turn down a dinner invitation, but he certainly doesn’t mind an evening in watching TV, either.  That’s what Charlie loves about his AGX7s — they respond to his lifestyle and give him the confidence he needs when it matters most.

AGX7 Hearing Aids Technology offer premium features in an advanced hearing system. This line of technology was designed for individuals whose listening environments include occasional background noise. Casual lifestyles typically include activities such as regular conversation, frequent television, quiet restaurant dining, small meetings, family gatherings, driving, shopping trips, movies, and weekly church services.

AGX5 Mid-Level Technology

Tonya and her friend love to go treasure hunting in their town’s best kept secrets — you know, the shops everyone else seems to pass by.  They have lunch, talk, and have a great time together.  Tonya’s AGX5s really suit her lifestyle and are the perfect bridge from who she is to what she wants to hear.

AGX5 hearing aids offer excellent features at a mid-level price point. This hearing aid technology was designed for individuals whose listening environments include limited background noise. Quiet lifestyles often feature activities including one-on-one conversations, some television and radio, quiet shopping trips, and weekly church services.

AGX3 Entry-Level Hearing Aids

Claire is at a place in her life where she likes to keep things simple.  And her AGX3s help her maintain that simplicity.  Because of her technology, she knows the things that she really likes to do, like visiting with loved ones or watching her favorite shows, are going to be just what they should be: effortless.

AGX3 hearing aids offer high-quality features at an entry-level price and are the responsible choice for those who want an economical solution to their hearing needs. AGX3 hearing aid technology is designed for individuals whose listening environments rarely include background noise. Very quiet lifestyles most often feature activities in and around the home, such as limited television, radio or recorded books, and small church services.

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